31. elo, 2015

Under the spider's web

New week, new tricks! Last night I had trouble sleeping... So many things crossing my mind. Good thoughts! But after morning porridge I direct my steps to the forest path. Sun is shining, and temperature is only +6C, so it means, that forest has beautiful waterdrops all over leafs! Like a diamonds! Air is so crispy and fresh, that I could sing for that feeling, that it gives to me! I was ment to go only for a short walk today, so many other things are wating to be done... But... I noticed again, that it's very easy to forget the time at forest! It feels like walking in a fairytailbook, when sun shines through threes and leafs. Green moss is soft under your feet. Only voice you hear, is birds telling each others, that "visitor is coming!". Every breath you blow out makes a steam swirl in the air. Today I looked at the forest ground level. Oh, if I could be as tiny as an ant. What I saw through my camera lens, was so beautiful! Now, with this new energy, I'll start my todays projekts! Later you'll get one recipe to that Food lover part!