28. elo, 2015

I need something warm!

Good morning! The whole morning is raining. For my morning stroll I go in rubber boots and a rain jacket, let it rain! I do believe, that my face skin appreciates the natural water! However, at first I'll eat rich breakfast, micro porridge. It's three-grain porridge from Finland (oats, rye, barley), a dollop of lemon olive oil and  blueberries (picked up by me) directly from the freezer. The only voices that I hear is the rain pitter-patter window and the golf course lawn mower. I do enjoy my moments! Kids went to school, husband to work... I have a list of things I am going to do today. Of course normal houseworks are on my list too. Dishes, dinner, laundry...everyday routines. Then my list continues... 1. Organize my wardrobe; too many clothes, some or those never using! Some of those just because I can't fit those anymore... 2.Start some of my art projects; I think, I will start from something very new thing,  I've never tested before...3. If I have time left after those first two plans, I will lay down on soffa, and read a book! But I have to say, that when I focus to my creation and photos, my sense of time is lost! And what could be more relaxin than float to the timelessness! Grasp the atmosphere!

ps. At my photo gallery you'll find video from this morning at forest!